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Blocked Driveway Towing

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Remove unauthorized cars, trucks and trailers

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What exactly is a blocked driveway?

A blocked driveway is a situation when an unauthorized vehicle is obstructing access to your driveway. Regardless of whether it is done intentionally or not, it is not legal. Oftentimes fines are warranted, but the enforcer is not always around. Even worse, fire trucks and emergency responders may be impeded from accessing the driveway. Legality aside, a blocked driveway can lead to frustration for the person whose access has been cut off. Calling a towing company is likely your best option to free up the driveway.

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      Let our experts remove vehicles blocking your driveway

      When should I call a towing company to remove driveway blocking vehicles?

      If someone has left their vehicle in or in front of your driveway and is preventing you from access, try contacting the owner first. If that is not an option or they are nowhere to be found, then your next best option is give us a call. Blocking someone else’s driveway is a violation of property rights, so we would be more than glad to move the vehicle out of the way. We are quick to act and will clear your driveway in no time. If you find yourself in this situation, do not hesitate to give us a call.

        What are some other common unauthorized parking issues?

        Blocked driveways are just one of many forms of unauthorized parking. We can assist in all situations, but here are some other issues you may run into:

        • Abandoned vehicles: If someone left their vehicle and it has not been moved for an extended period of time, towing it may be warranted.
        • Unauthorized parking in designated areas: some parking spots are restricted. These can include handicaps, business parking, residents parking. These are violations and Daly City Towing Guys can relieve this situation by removing the vehicle.
        • Street cleaning: many cities run on schedules for street cleaning and require people to clear the street. Any vehicles that are not moved in time or prevent street cleaners from performing their job may be towed.
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