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Flatbed and Wheel Lift Towing Service

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What is the difference between flatbed and wheel lift towing?

Flatbed and wheel lift towing are both common methods of towing vehicles. Flatbed towing involves using a truck equipped with a long, flat platform attached to its rear. It comes with a lift that uses hydraulics to lower and lift the platform. This way it can load, carry, and unload multiple vehicles. Belts and chains are used to secure each individual vehicle and stabilize it for the road. Flatbed tow trucks are a great option for sports cars or vehicles with all-wheel drive.

Wheel lift towing involves a truck equipped with an arm (typically powered by hydraulics) that can lift a vehicle from the front or back. Unlike flatbed towing, wheel lift towing lifts one end of the vehicle, leaving the other end touching the ground with the wheels. Wheel lift comes in handy for smaller vehicles. It can be a fantastic choice for smaller cars because it is quicker and more affordable than flatbed towing.

Both flatbed and wheel lift towing methods have pros and cons. They both serve different purposes. But there is nothing to worry because our experts at Daly City Towing Guys can help you pick the best tow truck option for your situation.

    Let our experts help you decide between flatbed and wheel lift towing

    Which service makes sense for my situation?

    The type of vehicle will largely determine whether a flatbed or wheel lift towing makes sense. Flatbed tow trucks are needed when the vehicle requires all four wheels off the ground. These can be vehicles that are damaged, inoperable, all-wheel, or have low ground clearance. Wheel lift tow trucks are well suited for vehicles that have either front or rear-wheel drive. Wheel lifts are often a more efficient and affordable option compared to the alternative.

      Benefits of flatbed towing

      Here are a list of reasons to consider flatbed towing

      • Safety
      • Versatility
      • Prevents more wear and tear
      • Easy loading
      • Security

      Benefits of wheel lift towing

      Wheel lift towing is not just good for affordability. Here are some other reason to consider:

      • Maneuverability
      • Availability
      • Tow vehicles with parking brakes
      • Faster and efficient
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